Workforce development

We have demonstrated capability in the development of high-performing teams in diverse operating environments

Our training and development specialists have substantial experience in technical vocational education and training (TVET), as well as design and delivery of change management / leadership skills and personal development programmes.

We have provided capacity building services to Government departments worldwide, as well as corporate entities, international organisations and project teams.

Our technical expertise and support includes:

♦ Learner needs analysis and assessment

♦ Development of training for manual skills including plant and equipment training

♦ Development of leadership training programmes

♦ Development and implementation of coaching and mentoring programmes

♦ Competency assessments

♦ Development of training materials

♦ Training and workshop implementation and facilitation

♦ Online, eLearning and webinar design and development

♦ Personal development and assessment

♦ Productivity and engagement measurement

♦ Development and design of training pathways

Our past work includes:

♦ Designing and delivering comprehensive training programmes to coincide with the introduction of a number of new technologies into project communities as part of the Afghanistan Agricultural Support Programme (ASP) between 2011 and 2017. This included a tractor training programme to coincide with the purchasing of a tractor by each of 64 farmer co-operatives. The programme consisted of four units (i) Basic tractor operation, (ii) Advanced tractor operation (iii) Using tractor implements and (iv) Preventative maintenance for tractors; a user/operator training programme for processing and packaging line of an integrated bulk storage and sorting facility built by the ASP; and an operator/maintenance training programme as part of the construction and commissioning of 20 community irrigation dams built by the ASP. Each programme was written in simple English and delivered in the local languages, supported by interpreters. It was designed around manual skills sessions with a manual competency assessment.

♦ Providing management capacity building assistance for the Kiribati Development Plan in 2020, targeted at supporting resilience in a climate-vulnerable and small but strategically significant Pacific Island state. This project involved extensive coaching to assist with building the capacity of the National Economic Planning Office (NEPO) in Kiribati.

♦ Providing blended eLearning services across eight Caribbean small island developing countries in relation to goat and sheep husbandry, health, breeding, marketing and management. Prime supported the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) to develop a networked advisory and training structure using mobile phone apps and website technology.

♦ Implementing vocational education strategies and facilitated training programmes as part of the Fiji Dairy Industry Development Initiative (FDIDI) between 2016 and 2020, including a Training of Trainers (ToT) course and a Workplace Assessor course. Delivered in 2019, the ToT course resulted in the upskilling of 19 dairy extension staff from the Fiji Ministry of Agriculture, Fiji Cooperative Dairy Company Limited and the FDIDI; 18 of these extension staff went on to become accredited as national training assessors.

♦ Training and mentoring staff from a local power company in Bamyan Province, Afghanistan to enable them to better run their one-megawatt solar power generation facility in Bamyan city as a profitable business as part of the Bamyan Renewable Energy Programme.