ASEAN region

Prime has strong networks in the ASEAN region, from work there over the past two decades

This work has range from livestock industry development in Malaysia to market development in Thailand and Singapore.

A significant amount of our work in the ASEAN region has included supporting market access for food and agriculture products into new markets, including beef products from New Zealand into Thailand and eggs and pork from New Zealand into Singapore.

Other past work includes:

♦ Market development for a New Zealand-based IT solutions company planning to enter Singapore.

♦ Assisting with capacity building of the Malaysian livestock sector through the design and delivery of an animal husbandry train-the-trainer programme in partnership with the country’s National Agriculture Training Council and organising work-based vocational training for Malaysian trainees in New Zealand.

♦ Conducting business discussions on behalf of New Zealand food industry clients with an international airline based in Bangkok, Thailand.

♦ Providing a client with a detailed perspective on New Zealand’s ability to supply dairy markets in ASEAN markets, including market demand, exporting and distribution mechanisms, company processing, production responses and market implications.