We deliver tangible outcomes for clients such as improved policy frameworks and improved business sustainability and profitability

We deliver strategic and operational solutions as well as management assistance for start-ups and new business ventures, plus existing companies who wish to expand, diversity or simply resolve a tricky issue. 

We offer broad business management expertise and extensive knowledge of the agricultural, agri-food, primary industry and technology sectors – from livestock production and farm management right through to rural infrastructure development and food processing and marketing.

We bring a strategic eye to all of our work, from reviewing industry sector policies and strategies to assessing organisational performance and in-house quality systems.

We draw on various research methods to inform our reviews and ultimate recommendations, including surveys, literature reviews and field studies and trials.

Our past work:

♦ Reviewing the project outline for a two-year agribusiness and private sector project in Afghanistan, for the Danish Embassy and FAO, including the project’s financial and economic sustainability, implementation strategy and synergy with other relevant projects and policies.

♦ Reviewing the progress and potential impacts of a collaboration between the Ministry for Primary Industries in New Zealand and private company New Zealand Merino that aims to drive change in the way New Zealand’s strong wool is produced, marketed and sold, for the benefit of the New Zealand economy.

♦ Reviewing the business model for a large state-owned slaughterhouse in Hong Kong, which provided the majority of Hong Kong’s fresh meat supplies, with key considerations being value for money, cost and efficiency, maintaining food safety, maintaining environmental standards and market competitiveness issues.

♦ Evaluating the business model for a 400-head commercial dairy farm in Zambia – from the farm’s input structure to its production, processing, distribution and marketing, in order to provide recommendations on the next steps for the company (and its foreign investor) to overcome challenges in light of its sub-optimal performance.

♦ Reviewing the financial viability of a meat by-products plant in New Zealand, using an in-house quantitative risk analysis tool to estimate the net benefits of a joint venture to supply raw material, process and export a high-value added meat product.

♦ Reviewing the business model and location of an existing sheep farm in the United Arab Emirates and completing the financial analysis and design for a new site and business model, to house and farm up to 48,000 head of sheep, including a water supply, energy requirements, access roading and all farm infrastructure.