Agribusiness, food & fibre

We facilitate successful agribusiness investments and are skilled in value chain analysis and market development

We have expertise in several commodity sectors, including livestock (meat, dairy and fibre), horticulture, forestry, aquaculture and apiculture, including overseeing investments in primary and secondary production facilities.

Our sector knowledge extends to:  

Agribusiness investments

Livestock production


Market development

We help emerging and expanding companies penetrate new markets and position their products for successful sale, drawing on our knowledge of global trade and extensive international networks to get the best results possible.

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Value chain analysis

We help to identify opportunities and address barriers to growth across the food and fibre value chains and are skilled at quantifying economic impacts for decision makers and also help clients assess risks.

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Nimmo-Bell & Associates

Our company’s New Zealand-based subsidiary, Nimmo-Bell & Associates, also undertakes market research, competition analysis and literature reviews for clients, with experience across various sectors, including the forestry, deer (venison and velvet), leather, fruit, arable crop, wool, beef, lamb, pork, poultry, fish, dairy and fruit and vegetable industries.