We have ten years’ experience in Afghanistan, working across the agricultural, water management and renewable energy sectors

Our work in this region, including in areas heavily affected by conflict such as in the South and East, is made easy due to our on-the-ground team based out of the Koh-e-baba Consultancy Services (KCS) office in Kabul.

KCS is a professional consulting firm registered with the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency, with core technical competencies in agribusiness and institutional development.

The company maintains a head office in Kabul, providing ready access to a well-qualified pool of high calibre local national staff – all of whom are graduates from reputable institutions and are fluent in the country’s commonly used languages.

These valuable national experts have proven and effective community engagement capacity and networks, especially in the rural sector.

KCS gives us unique access to both national and international specialists across a variety of sectors.

The company specialises in:

♦ Agricultural extension

♦ Apiculture development and health

♦ Horticulture development and husbandry

♦ Irrigation design and construction

♦ Livestock husbandry and veterinary support

♦ Training and mentoring

It also provides support in:

♦ GIS and information systems

♦ Life support

♦ Logistics

♦ Procurement

♦ Risk Management

We also have full time staff based in Jalalabad, Kandahar, Herat and Mazar-e Sharif, providing us with coverage of all of the major ecological and economic zones in Afghanistan.

Our involvement in Afghanistan began when our Group Chairman, Dr Alan Pearson, was contracted to design an integrated programme of agricultural support activities for Bamyan Province in 2011.

We were then awarded a contract to implement the Agricultural Support Programme (ASP), which ran until 2017, and continue to work closely with the Afghan people on other assignments.

Other past work includes: 

♦ Designing and delivering the US$54 million Afghanistan Value Chains – Livestock (AVC-Livestock) programme in conjunction with Development Alternatives Inc (2018- 2023), which is working with ‘anchor firms’ in five key livestock product value chains to build their capacity and assist them to expand their businesses. AVC-Livestock is funded by the United States Agency for International Development.

♦ Preparing the Arghandab Integrated Water Resources Project in partnership with FCG ANZDEC between 2017 and 2019, which aims to contribute to a more reliable and sustainable water supply and electricity service for Kandahar City’s 500,000 residents and 230,000 rural residents. The project is funded by the Asian Development Bank.

♦ Redesigning the business plan for Phase II of the Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development-Facility (CARD-F), a GB£56 million programme delivered in Afghanistan, in partnership with Atos Consulting between 2014 and 2017. This involved the review of Economic Development Package (EDP) designs for horticulture and livestock value chains across 11 provinces of Afghanistan, including EDPs in relation to the potato, onion, grape, cotton and saffron industries.

♦ Training and mentoring staff at a state-owned power company in Bamyan Province, Afghanistan, to ensure they had sufficient capabilities to maintain and operate a 1.0-megawatt solar power generation facility, with associated distribution lines, as part of the Bamyan Renewable Energy Project between 2014 and 2017.

♦ Completing feasibility studies and developing design blueprints, including engineering specifications, for 10 national Agricultural Industrial Parks (AIPs) in Afghanistan in 2015.