Middle East

We have a strong presence in the Middle East, with one of our company’s three main headquarters based there

Our office in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) provides us with valuable access to the wider Middle East and Africa (MENA) region. We also provide technical advice to horticulture and livestock agribusinesses.

Much of our work in the Middle East is geared at helping clients make successful investments in the global farm-to-market supply chain.

Our services include undertaking investment feasibility studies, advising on and structuring investment vehicles and locating suitable farm properties and/or processing assets for purchase or partnering.

We are also able to:

♦ Undertake commercial due diligence

♦ Develop business plans

♦ Prepare farm designs

♦ Facilitate sale and purchase and/or investment partnership agreements

♦ Manage shipping logistics for products produced

♦ Provide independent directors or senior technical advisors

♦ Develop risk management plans

♦ Operate or supervise businesses on behalf of investors as a management services contractor

Recent work in the Middle East includes:

♦ Feasibility analysis for animal health investments

♦ Identification and evaluation of offshore agribusiness investments

♦ A feasibility study relating to potential applications of geothermal desalination technology

♦ A feasibility study and technical design for a large-scale sheep farm expansion

♦ Provision of technical advice on agri-product processing businesses