Programme & project management

Three decades of successful commercial and international development projects

Our robust and well-proven project management systems enable us to ensure timely mobilisation of our consultants for any assignment and track and manage all deliverables.

Prime has a strong track record in the successful design and delivery of complex projects and programmes to specification, on time and within budget, including in fragile and conflict-affected states (FCAS) or regions.

We combine global knowledge with local networks, offering expertise in the agri-food, water, renewable energy, health, education, infrastructure and global development sectors.

We are skilled in strategic planning, solutions integration, and operational implementation, as well as risk management and adaptation of approaches to different cultural settings.

Our services include:

Programme and project design

Our project design work focuses on the practicality of interventions and sustainability of potential economic impacts.

Programme and project implementation

We have a proven ability to support all aspects of the programme and project lifecycle.

Programme and project review

We are skilled at conducting programme, project and operational reviews, delivering tangible outcomes for clients such as improved business sustainability and profitability.

Our 'hub and spoke' model

Where necessary, we utilise a 'hub and spoke' project management model to ensure effective project management and consistency across various countries in a cost-effective manner.

Hubs are based at one of our several regional offices. Our Dubai hub, for example, is where our Middle East, Central/South Asia and Africa operations are coordinated from. Hubs provide project management, technical oversight, training, high-level analytics, risk management, and administration functions.

The 'spokes' depend on the projects in question. These are generally mobilised from our existing facilities and personnel in target countries as well as those of any programme or project partners.

Strong focus on localisation

Project and programme delivery is primarily done by local resources, with international personnel inputs focused on capacity building support. Over 70% of Prime’s team members are local country nationals.

Community engagement

Effective community engagement from strategic to grassroots levels is a hallmark of Prime's approach to development.