New Zealand

We have been providing New Zealand clients with robust and innovative solutions through our extensive advisory services for nearly 30 years

Our clients range from government agencies to industry bodies and private companies.

Our services are offered through both Prime and Nimmo-Bell & Associates, which Prime purchased in 2017 after enjoying a successful 15-year strategic working partnership with the firm.

Past work includes:

♦ Ongoing governance and management supervision for a New Zealand commercial forest operation for private offshore owners (from the United States).

♦ Researching drivers of animal welfare compliance in New Zealand for the country’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

♦ Undertaking a comprehensive review of New Zealand’s biosecurity surveillance programmes on behalf of the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF); this required extensive consultation and information gathering across a wide range of government agencies as well as with industry sectors and research scientists.

♦ Review of the Marbled Grass-fed Beef (MGB) programme, a public-private initiative that ran in New Zealand from 2012 to 2019, aiming to develop an alternative to beef produced from cattle housed in feedlots overseas for high value niche markets.

♦ Review of a collaboration between MPI and New Zealand Merino, a private company, that aimed to drive change in the way New Zealand’s strong wool is produced, marketed and sold, for the benefit of the New Zealand economy.

♦ Development of an economic decision support tool for animal disease control in New Zealand on behalf of MPI and livestock industry partners.

♦ Conducting a feasibility study for a large-scale export food processing operation in New Zealand for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and a private offshore investor.

♦ Economic analysis for alternative farrowing systems in the New Zealand pork industry.

♦ Consulting on Import Health Standards for processed chicken products.

♦ A pig movement study for MAF, investigating biosecurity risks.