Business strategy

We help with improved business profitability, mitigation of avoidable risks, market expansion and diversification

We have deep knowledge and experience in multiple technical disciplines, including horticultural, cereal crop and livestock production, farm management, food processing and marketing and infrastructure development.

Our consultants will help you to define your strategic business and operational goals and determine what resources will be needed to achieve these goals, identifying risks and opportunities along the way.

We bring a well-developed understanding of the wider dynamics of the business environment, in relation to the interaction between government policies and private sector development, as well as impacts of globalised markets.

We have assisted with the development of numerous strategies to date, including:

♦ The Fiji Dairy Industry Strategy 2017 in partnership with Tūhana Consulting Ltd, during implementation of the Fiji Dairy Industry Development Initiative (FDIDI);

♦ The Fiji Technical Vocational Education and Training Strategy 2018 in partnership with Wintec in New Zealand, during implementation of the FDIDI;

♦ National strategies for the grape, poultry and dairy Sectors in Afghanistan, as part of the Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development Facility (CARD-F) programme;

♦ National animal welfare strategies and 10-year vision for Australian Pork Ltd; and

♦ An animal welfare strategy for the New Zealand Pork Industry.

As well as strategy development, we offer specific expertise in:

 Value chain analysis

 Market development

 Operational management

 Supply chain management & logistics