Risk management

We develop robust structures to identify and manage risks quickly, safely and effectively

We place importance on the early assessment of possible risks and help clients develop comprehensive mitigation plans to ensure effective delivery of services. 

Our track record

We have an exemplary track record with health and safety over our 20 years of operations with no incidences of serious harm and all minor issues dealt with promptly and successfully.

This track record has been maintained across a workforce of up to 120 staff and associates, including a substantial amount of work carried out in fragile and conflict-affected areas.

In all our work, the safety of all our people, whether they be employees or sub-contractors, is our primary concern.

No activity is attempted or undertaken unless it can be done without compromising individuals’ safety.

We operate a Risk Management Operations Cell out of Dubai, which monitors real-time risk and supports program implementation across the world. This is supported by incident alerts provided by Intelyse LLC.

We pride ourselves on providing work environments where everyone is actively encouraged to create and maintain a safe workplace.

Our services

Since 2014, we have been offering our Health & Safety and risk management expertise as a service to both Government and private sector clients.

Our services include:

Health & Safety (H&S) and risk assessments

Our H&S and risk management experts can undertake independent initial H&S and risk assessments. We are also licensed to conduct risk management activities in the Middle East and Central Asia.

Development of safety plans

This includes safety plans for new equipment / technologies, facilities and workplaces and can be incorporated into existing Safety Management Systems (if in place) such as ISO 45001:2018.

Compliance auditing

Prime can support organisation’s existing H&S systems by conducting independent audits of systems and processes in accordance with New Zealand legislative requirements as well as requirements in local jurisdictions abroad.


We have a comprehensive risk management structure in place both globally and specific to Afghanistan that has allowed our company to operate safely and successfully in all geographic zones of the country, including restive areas in the South and East of the country, since 2011.

We maintain a fulltime presence in Kabul, Jalalabad, Kandahar, Herat and Mazar-e Sharif, providing our team and partners with an enhanced informal network for real time information and community atmospherics.

All staff deployed into Afghanistan are monitored through Intelyse’s tracking and messaging application, with real-time risk management support provided by our Risk Management Operations Cell.