Feasibility studies & investment advice

Our approach to investment feasibility analysis is pragmatic, market-driven and informed by strong economic and financial analysis

Our services include undertaking investment feasibility studies, advising on and structuring investment vehicles and locating suitable properties or assets for purchase or partnering.

We provide financial, economic and investment advice using a range of well-proven methodologies. Our experienced and regionally-diverse team offers strong technical, project management and communications skills.

This includes consultants highly qualified in agriculture with significant rural extension and consulting experience; as well as those with expertise in a wide range of other technical disciplines related to land-based industries, food and fibre processing/manufacturing, and service industries.

Recent work includes:

♦ A livestock investment feasibility study mapping poultry and red meat value chains in Ethiopia to identify commercial opportunities for investment.

♦ A feasibility study to determine the business model and implementation plan for an integrated beef and goat farm-to-market operation in Rwanda, to be operated as a public-private partnership on a 6000ha block of Government-owned land.

♦ Mapping the United Arab Emirates’ small ruminants value chain and recommended investment options for a private sector client, with subsequent preparation of a detailed investment design and farm operating model.

♦ Provision of financial management expertise for an Asian Development Bank-funded urban development initiative in Uzbekistan.

♦ A fully costed investment feasibility study for a 60-hectare pilot Agricultural Industrial Park for Balkh Province in Afghanistan, with industrial processing and manufacturing clusters comprising dairy, fresh produce, grain and meat.

♦ A feasibility study for a turnkey farm site for a private client in the United Arab Emirates to house and farm up to 48,000 head of sheep, including financial modelling, market assessment and recommendations of market-based opportunities.