We contributed to the design and preparation of urban development projects for the Republic of Uzbekistan

The projects are being rolled out as the former Soviet republic pushes for increased urbanisation of its less-populated cities.

Funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Uzbekistan Integrated Urban Development Project (IUDP) follows a request from the Government of Uzbekistan for international support for the urban development of three pilot cities, Khiva, Djizzak, and Yangiyer, with a view to replicating successful interventions and lessons learned nationwide.

Khiva, Djizzak, and Yangiyer represent a cross-section of Uzbekistan’s small and medium-sized cities, providing three different scenarios of how integrated urban development approaches can be utilised to spur local economic growth without endangering environmental sustainability or social equity.

Ultimately, the goal is nationwide sustainable urbanisation, resulting in more economically competitive and liveable cities.

Michael Yap, the Practice Director of Nimmo-Bell & Associates, a division of the Prime Group of companies, is a member of the transaction technical assistance team contracted by the ADB to prepare technical feasibility studies and conduct due diligence for a ‘long list’ of potential urban investment subprojects under the project.