Our current major focus in Zambia is implementation of the Zambia Dairy Transformation Programme

The programme is focused on increasing the quality and quantity of milk produced by smallholder farmers in Central Province and the Copperbelt for commercial sale.

Funded by the New Zealand Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Zambia Dairy Transformation Programme (ZDTP; 2016-2021) aims to improve the profitability and sustainability of smallholder, emergent and commercial dairy farmers across the country.

Change is being driven principally by the market, through strengthened links between dairy cooperative unions, made up of farmers members, and the country's main dairy processors.

Technical assistance is being provided through a team of highly-qualified and experienced international advisors working alongside Zambian counterparts.

Specific outcomes sought include:

♦ Improved on-farm production, inputs, systems and processes

♦ Increased capacity of farmers, Extension Officers and other dairy industry personnel

♦ Increased market-led milk handling, quality and processing capacity

♦ Improved policy and regulatory framework

The programme is being implemented in partnership with NIRAS International Development from Sweden.

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Other past work in Zambia includes:

♦ Reviewing the business model for a climate-friendly agriculture business in the North-Western Province of Zambia in 2020.

♦ Greenhouse gas footprinting of the Zambian dairy industry in collaboration with the Ministry for Primary Industries and AgResearch in New Zealand in 2019.