Development of Code of Practice for On-Farm Biogas Generation and Use - Australia

The Situation

In 2012, Prime Consulting International Ltd developed an industry Code of Practice for on-farm biogas generation and use in Australia. The need for this Code of Practice resulted from a report completed by Prime for the Australian pork industry.

The report, A review of Australian regulations and standards for the handling and treatment of Biogas, identified a gap in regard to a national standard for biogas production and use. The pork industry had been encountering issues on biogas standards and a lack of on-farm biogas regulations.

The industry Code of Practice developed by Prime complemented other related research activities, such as the exploration and development of improved management strategies and technologies to enhance waste management systems being used in the pork industry.    

The Process

The project involved a comprehensive desktop review of relevant Australian health and safety and environmental standards, as well as existing international Codes of Practice for the generation of on-farm biogas. Relevant aspects of New Zealand, Canadian and German Codes were included.

A draft Code was created to fit the needs of the Australian pork industry, which was peer reviewed by an industry-appointed Biogas Advisory Group. Following amendments, a working draft was provided to the industry for consultation and further review.

Prime engaged state regulators, alongside industry representatives and technical experts, in order to develop a Code that reflected an agreed national approach.

The Outcome

The On-Farm Biogas Code of Practice was completed and published in April 2015.

A copy is available here.

The Code aims to provide a consistent framework and guidance for the safe design, construction, operation and maintenance of biogas systems in order to facilitate greater uptake of biogas in the Australian pork industry.

Prime team members involved

  • Angus Davidson
  • Grant Jeffrey
  • Michael Yap
  • Input also from Stephan Heubeck of NIWA

Photos: Courtesy of Australian Pork Ltd