Zambia Dairy Transformation Programme (ZDTP)

Quick facts 

  • Year: 2016-21
  • Target: 6,000 smallholder dairy producers
  • Budget: USD 5 million
  • Length: 6 years
  • Donor/Funder: New Zealand Aid Programme


Funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme, the five-year Zambia Dairy Transformation Programme or ZDTP is supporting smallholder dairy farmers to improve their productivity, milk quality and linkage to urban markets, driving the further commercialisation of a smallholder-based Zambian dairy sector.

Change is being driven principally by the market, through strengthened links between Dairy Cooperative Unions, made up of farmers members, and the country’s main dairy processors.

The programme is also working with carefully-selected farmer cooperative groups to build success models in order to show other farmers how improved dairy systems can deliver targeted outcomes.

Technical assistance is being provided through a team of highly-qualified and experienced international advisors working alongside Zambian counterparts.

The programme is being implemented by Prime in partnership with NIRAS International Development from Sweden.

Specific outcomes sought include:

  • Improved on-farm production, inputs, systems and processes
  • Increased capacity of farmers, extension officers and other dairy industry personnel
  • Increased market-led milk handling, quality and processing capacity
  • Improved policy and regulatory framework