Our team

We value business experience and proven results.

Prime Consulting International's people and partners have generally worked at a senior level in their fields for many years.

Our company directors, senior associates, associate consultants and technical specialists are found across the globe.

Together we offer:

  • Strong project management and implementation of solutions
  • Broad business management expertise
  • National and international breadth of experience
  • Extensive knowledge of the agricultural, agri-food, primary industry and technology sectors

We also draw on the expertise of a significant number of local nationals across our various projects and programmes. Our strong emphasis on local national staff reflects one of our key values, which is leaving a legacy of increased knowledge, skills and capacity in our partner countries.

Our other group companies, partner organisations and association memberships are listed below. 

The Directors

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Senior Associates

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Associate Consultants and Technical Specialists

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Group Support

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Other Group Companies