Our work

Market Access Facilitation and Market Development

The Situation

Since its inception in 2000, Prime Consulting International Ltd has been involved in a large number of projects to support market access for food and agriculture products into new markets.

Products and markets involved have included:

  • Potatoes and bee products in Afghanistan
  • Egg-based mayonnaise products from Australia into New Zealand
  • Beef products from New Zealand into Thailand and Korea
  • Eggs and meat products from New Zealand into Singapore

Prime has also carried out market studies, facilitated market entry and undertaken successful market development work for cross-border trade in services, such as:

  • Education services from New Zealand into China
  • IT services from New Zealand into Singapore

The Process

Prime uses its knowledge of global trade and extensive network of international contacts to assist companies interested in expanding into new markets to penetrate those markets and position their products for successful sale.

Local partners in each market are used to carry out market research and scoping where required.

Negotiations with government agencies are often required to facilitate market access across borders where imported products need to meet particular specified standards for entry. Prime is experienced in facilitating such negotiations on behalf of clients. Prime often advises on particular customer requirements for target markets and may facilitate changes to product packaging and branding if required. It may also provide advice and support in these areas:

  • Organising logistics
  • Identifying distributor partners
  • Assisting with customer and supply chain partner negotiations
  • Developing service level agreements
  • Assisting with cross-cultural communications

The Outcome

Outcomes sought and obtained in these assignments are market entry and sustainable, commercially viable, market positioning. Each project has its own particular set of requirements so efforts are tailored accordingly. In every case, Prime offers a committed support partnership to the venture for as long as the client requires.

Prime team members involved

  • Alan Pearson
  • Grant Jeffrey
  • Angus Davidson