Our work

Livestock Industry Advisory Work in Mongolia

The Situation

In February 2011, Prime Consulting International Ltd was contracted to develop a slaughterhouse business model suitable for conditions in Mongolia.

The scope of the assignment also involved providing technical assistance on good management practices for livestock slaughter.

The Process

Analysis of industry needs was undertaken through document review, stakeholder consultation and field visits.

This led to the development of several different slaughterhouse model options, and an assessment of the pros and cons of each. Prime also advised on proper slaughterhouse management practice to improve awareness and knowledge within the sector.

Existing industry communication materials and operating manuals were reviewed and revised.

At the conclusion of the project, results and recommendations were presented and discussed with key industry stakeholders in a workshop format.

The Outcome

This project provided the client and industry stakeholders with an improved body of knowledge for:

  • The reform of existing industry practices for livestock slaughter;
  • Future development of improved standards; and
  • Suitable business models for operation of sustainable slaughterhouse businesses within the Mongolian industry context.

Prime team members involved

  • Angus Davidson
  • Principal project partner CHF NGO
  • Project funded by USAID