Facilitating investments in the global farm-to-market supply chain

Our consultants are skilled at helping clients make successful investments in the global farm-to-market supply chain.

Prime has experienced personnel and business partners on every inhabited continent, which means we are able to offer investment support services in targeted locations that best suit investors’ business requirements.

We have expertise in several commodity sectors, including livestock (meat, dairy and fibre), horticulture, forestry, aquaculture and apiculture.

Our specialities include overseeing investments in primary and secondary production facilities, including the design, construction, upgrade/refurbishment and operation of:

♦ Meat, dairy and seafood processing plants

♦ Horticulture pack houses

♦ Grain processing plants

♦ Post-harvest storage facilities

♦ Honey extraction and packing plants

♦ Food manufacturing operations

​We actively seek long-term partnership engagements because we are motivated by seeing our partner businesses grow and evolve over time.

Our services include undertaking investment feasibility studies, advising on and structuring investment vehicles and locating suitable farm properties and/or processing assets for purchase or partnering.

We are also able to:

♦ Provide assistance to meet foreign country investment requirements

♦ Develop business plans

♦ Facilitate sale and purchase and/or investment partnership agreements

♦ Recruit and train staff and development workforces

♦ Manage shipping logistics for products produced

♦ Provide independent directors or senior technical advisors

♦ Develop risk management plans

♦ Operate or supervise businesses on behalf of investors as a management services contractor

In every case, we work closely with local in-country teams and relevant Government agencies to ensure investments are secured by strong local operational capacity and community/Government support.