Our services

We support business solutions from concept to sustainability.

Prime Consulting International's strength is the facilitation of sustainable business within a value chain approach. 

We combine management and technical solutions to remove barriers, add capacity and manage risk. Inputs into the policy environment are similarly focused on enabling private sector development balanced with cross-cutting social and environmental considerations.

Technical Consultancies
Technical Consultancies

Technical Consultancies

  • Public and industry policy advice and development – resource management, animal welfare, food safety, sustainability/competitiveness, biosecurity and economics
  • Rural infrastructure design and implementation – irrigation systems, land development, farm, packing, storage and food processing facilities
  • Strategic marketing – product, market and brand development; value chain analysis
  • Operational management – quality systems, workflow engineering and information systems
  • Supply chain management and logistics – systems development and implementation; logistics strategies and execution; product sourcing and procurement assistance
  • Livestock and plant production, including downstream product processing
  • Pest management – pathogen management, control of animal and plant diseases, veterinary and public health epidemiology
  • Environmental management – risk mitigation and sustainable energy systems
  • Transnational trade and development – market access facilitation, cross-border partnerships, market channel development and product positioning assistance
  • Technical vocational education and training – curriculum and course development and production of training materials

Regions of Work Experience

We offer clients solutions that transcend borders and continents. Our professional networks span all of the world’s permanently inhabited continents.